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Skincare | Holistic Skin Beauty Practice—is much more than just a Day Spa. What’s the Difference ?

What We Do Vs. the Typical “Day Spa”

It is very important to draw a clear distinction between what we do here at Skincare | Holistic Beauty Practice and what you find at the typical Day Spa down the street.

Of course when you arrive here you’re greeted by a wonderful, warm and friendly staff and a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere, and it is always our goal for our clients to leave having felt like they’ve been treated with caring, gentle hands—even pampered!  But to be clear, we have a very serious, no-nonsense focus on your skin’s health and appearance that goes well beyond what you will typically receive at a spa.

If you’re looking for a place you can go with a couple of your friends and spend the afternoon getting “pampered” with massages, foot-rubs, and what we refer to as “foo foo” facials (that are little more than facial massages, complete with cucumber slices covering your eyes) then Skincare | Holistic Beauty Practice isn’t what you’re looking for.

On the other hand . . .


We Take Your Skin’s Health & Appearance Very Seriously

If you’re looking for a place where you’ll find experienced professionals (founder Cheryl Edvalson has been licensed, practicing esthetician in Salt Lake since 1986!) who can help you look years younger by not only improving the overall health of your skin through our complete holistic approach, but by also using the latest in skin care technology for treating  hyperpigmentation (“age spots”, etc.), wrinkles, sun-damaged skin and a many other types of specific age-related skin conditions that can plague your skin, and though they’re actually not serious conditions, they do have the impact of making you look years older.

Adult Acne

Also, if you have a long history of battling adult-onset acne you will finally find a solution here.  Cheryl, who herself suffered from severe acne as a teen and also later as an adult (which is how she began her journey to becoming a skin care professional, by the way), has decades of experiences getting life-changing results by clearing up severe acne conditions of people who had seemingly tried everything . . . including controversial and potentially dangerous medications prescribed by their dermatologist!


If You’re Looking for Fluff & Pampering go find just another a Day Spa

However, if you’re looking for truly recognizable results that will leave your skin looking better than it has since  . . . well, many of our clients say their skin looks the best it has since their childhood!

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Skincare in Salt Lake City : Holistic Beauty Practice—much more than just a day spa.

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